I have used intermittent fasting (IF) over the last two years on myself, family and friends, but only recently have I passed knowledge onto my clients to use IF to assist with fat loss. The reason I have not advised my clients on IF is that it has been a […]

The Low Down On Intermittent Fasting

Now generally in life the more we put in the more we get back, so in theory the more cardiovascular exercise we do the more fat we will lose – and surely if we currently push weights five times per week then eight times a week is going to be […]

Overtraining & Under Recovery

At Christmas my wife asked me what I would like for a present and my response was “nothing”. I did not really need anything and was more than happy just to have a huge cheese platter with a selection of crackers, chutney and a glass of port. She responded with […]

Gilbert’s Syndrome

A delicious low carbohydrate meal with a sweet fragrant flavour.  Any leftover mango would be great for tomorrow’s lunch – a tortilla wrap with a handful of salad leaves, chicken and a spoonful of non-fat greek yoghurt   Sunset Chicken (serves 1) 1 Chicken Breast, raw, cubed 1 tsp Olive […]

Mumsa B’s Sunset Chicken

db personal training
I am going to admit the deltoids are my favourite muscles. You can have a big chest or big arms but the deltoids just bring it all together. Training the shoulders is not so easy though, it takes time and the correct exercises to ensure they are full and impressive. […]

The Low Down on Deltoid Training

metabolic rate
Most of the time when we wish to lower our body fat we can adjust our calories to ensure that we are burning more than we are consuming. So if it’s that easy why are some people exercising 6+ hours per week and eating way below their calorific requirements but […]

Metabolic Health

I am often asked how much protein should a person consume in a day, and how much can their body absorb in one sitting? Well you will commonly receive different answers to these questions as it is a complex subject, so I will answer to the best of my ability […]

All About Protein

“I couldn’t do that – I’d be starving” I often here people say that they cannot skip a meal as they will get headaches, the shakes, feel sick, dizzy; just cannot do it. The term “I am starving” is used too flippantly. If we wish to lose weight then we […]

Starvation Mode

I am an extremely keen advocate of weight training for women due to the many benefits they can achieve from it. So allow me to explain some of those benefits. Increasing Lean Mass Becoming “toned” is a aesthetic benefit but extremely healthy as well. The word “toned” is disliked by […]

Benefits of Weight Training for Women

eat big to get big
Obviously as a Personal Trainer a large proportion of my job is to help people lose weight. But there are clients who wish to build muscle but cannot increase their weight to add overall muscle mass. You may think lucky them, what a nice problem to have, but they do […]

Eat Big to Get Big

fruit juice good or bad
Many people believe fruit juice is healthy, as…well it’s fruit. In many cases it’s little more than flavoured sugar water – no fruit, just chemicals that taste like it. Even if you choose 100% fruit juice, it’s still not a great choice of beverage for a few reasons: Drinking calories […]

Fruit Juice – Good or Bad?

A skinny fat person is someone that does not look overweight but is lacking muscle definition. They may look slim in their regular clothing but in their underwear can look soft and shapeless due to lack of muscle mass. In some cases they could have high levels of body fat; […]

Are You Skinny Fat?

What and how much you eat is important. There are no good or bad foods. Some “junk food” is okay in moderation. So the question is, what is a healthy diet? Well this really depends on what your goals and food preferences are. What I can offer are five simple […]

What is a Healthy Diet?

When it comes to dieting if you are advised to “always” or “never” do something it’s probably complete rubbish – it’s unlikely that it will make a significant difference and is more likely to put you on the path to failure.  Who wants to be told they can never eat […]

“Always” & “never” in diets

Every one wants a six pack! And why is that?   Because it is difficult to achieve and shows that you have made it to the fitness elite.   Search for six pack online and you will be inundated with crazy ways of achieving this. Search an App store and […]

The Low Down on a Six Pack

healthy turkey burgers
Turkey Burgers & Coleslaw (serves 3, 2 burgers per person) Coleslaw 150g White Cabbage 150g Red Cabbage 1 Medium Carrot 1/2 Dessert Apple 1 tsp Dijon Mustard 1 tsp Clear Honey 1 tsp Cider Vinegar 1/2 tsp Caraway Seeds 3 tbsp/30g Fat-Free Greek Yoghurt (such as Total 0%) Finely shred […]

Mumsa B Turkey Burgers & Coleslaw

If It Fits Your Macro’s (IIFYM) “How much you eat is more important than what you eat” – is this a true statement?                 Well yes….. and no. So what have we heard so far in the world of diet and nutrition? Carbs […]

Flexible Dieting

As this is the first recipe I am posting I thought I would offer a brief introduction. I will be posting healthy recipes that we personally eat as a family on a regular basis. These recipes will be basic but extremely tasty. One key element to a successful fat loss […]

Mumsa B Mexican Lasagne Recipe

So following on from a previous post you will now know the most important principle for losing weight is counting calories, and how to do it. Now we are going to explain the second most important principle for losing weight. By combining these two principles you can finely tune your […]


Convince yourself you are ready to start and commit to a new healthier diet, do not falter until you reach your weight loss goal. Make small changes to your diet. You should already know what food you should be cutting back on. Swap out “junk snacks” for healthier snacks. Do […]

The Steps to Body Fat Reduction

HOW TO REDUCE BODY FAT I am starting with this topic as I believe it is what most readers will be interested in. You will find no magic pills or potions here; just the solid information you need to lose weight and maintain your new weight set point. You would […]

Principles of Fat Loss

Winter 2013 aged 48 I decided to change my life. I felt like crap with years of stress, poor nutrition and osteoarthritis to boot. I climbed out of bed in the morning aching all over, especially in the lower back and neck areas. I had basic knowledge on exercise and […]

My Story

Here you will find on offer lots of totally free science backed and controversial information in the areas of weight loss, muscle growth, nutrition and wellbeing plus other closely related subjects that are just generally interesting. I will be posting on a regular basis and am confident there will be […]

Introducing dbPT